17 December 2014

Important News about This Weekend's Events

Greetings all:
I'm very sorry to report that Thom Donovan has cancelled his visit to the Bay Area due to a family emergency. Friends and colleagues will be pleased to hear that he is totally fine; however, he's got his hands full so please hold off on emails. He'll be in touch with all of you soon.

In the meantime, while we've had to cancel Thom's two public lectures at the OMNI (see above), Friday's reading is totally still on. Further, I am pleased to announce that friend and poet Hugo Garcia Manriquez has joined the bill in Thom's stead.

See you there!

16 December 2014

Hope Eternity Seen on the Hip of a Rabbit

More Beth Murray, for those who missed this chapbook the first time around. We lost a powerful poet and a super compassionate human being.

12 December 2014

I made this tonight...

to embroider on future motorcycle jackets. That's what I want for Christmas.

11 December 2014

OMNI Holiday Party & Bazaar

I'm the kind of person who really loves a holiday bazaar, and this particular bazaar promises to be pretty great because it supports La Commune, the OMNI, and Solar Luxuriance. Here's the copy:


Please join La Commune Cafe & Bookstore this Saturday, December 13, from 12noon to 6pm, for an Omni holiday party & craft bazaar!  We'll have fresh-baked goods & hot cider & oh so many books, plus craft vendors to help you with those last minute gift giving needs!

We'll top off the day with a book release party for SOLAR LUXURIANCE PRESS at 7pm, with readings by Erika Staiti, Nicole Trigg, Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta, Jared Joseph, Leif Haven & M. Kitchell.

Please stop by this Saturday to say hello -- & support La Commune's Indiegogo fundraiser here: La Commune Cafe and Bookstore

See you Saturday !

10 December 2014

Micah Ballard's "Vesper Chimes"

New Micah Ballard in the mail. You'll probably have to get this one from him directly, as I can't find any order information, but that gives you a reason to say hi!

09 December 2014

Beth Murray, "Electricity, the Brush of Arctic"

I've been dwelling on this chapbook by Beth Murray, published by A+ Bend back in 2000, as an antidote to the pain produced by institutionalized violence. Murray's poetry is a response through stillness. I'll post more sections from this chapbook in the coming weeks...

08 December 2014

Anne Lesley Selcer's Poems on Beauty

Anne Lesley Selcer's from A Book of Poems on Beauty is one of the best chapbooks of the year, no question. If you haven't read it yet, take a gander at the samples above. It's really quite wonderful. You can get a physical copy from Gazing Grain Press, or you can check out the entire thing electronically here. Essential reading...

03 December 2014

Thom Donovan in the Bay Area!

In addition to his reading with Oki Sogumi and Divya Victor on Friday, 12/19 at the OMNI (4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland), Thom will also give two talks on Saturday, 12/20. The first, a workshop on "Occult Poetics," will take place at the OMNI from 2-4 pm, followed by a conversation on Joss Whedon's oeuvre in the evening. We will screen the film Cabin in the Woods prior to a discussion about Whedon's biopolitics in relation to the state of exception and extra-legal entities. Come to everything if you can!