23 May 2013


My very good friend and comrade, CJ Martin, who is also one of my favorite poets in the world, just experienced an incomprehensibly tragic loss. His father Tommy (left) and grandmother Ann were victims of a tornado in Texas on May 15th, and his mother, Betsy Davis (right) was just released from ICU. Betsy's injuries are serious, and to make a tragic situation worse, she does not have medical insurance.

There are currently three ways to support Chris and his family:

1. I plan to donate 100% of the proceeds from Chris's mind-shattering Compline full-length, Two Books, to Betsy's recovery fund. If you haven't engaged with this crucial book, buy it now and support Chris while you're at it. If you already have a copy, and you know how important it is, please consider purchasing a copy for a friend or colleague to support Betsy. Make it happen here.

2. You may also choose to donate to an online fundraising effort in Betsy's name here.

3. Finally, the poet Ash Smith is producing a limited edition chapbook of brand new work from a wide variety of poets that should be available soon. When it's ready, I'll certainly promote it here.

Please take a moment to support this family!