21 January 2013


Here's my list for The Disinhibitor, a little late, as usual:

This is by no means a "best of" list, just what comes to mind when I think back on things that I was excited about in 2012. In fact, not all of these are from 2012, but they are all things that I got around to this, I mean last, year. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch.

Books with mostly words:

Two novels by Justin Sirois: Falcons on the Floor and So Say the Waiters

Two books from Ugly Duckling Presse (both from 2011 I think): Uselysses by Noel Black and Pro Magenta/Be met by Corina Copp (for writing & design)

Books & Bookish thing with lots of pictures:

WWYD? by the incredible Emily Larned (the prints that came from that project are great too)

The Vista Sans Wood Type Project, which is a prime example of how artists are using new technology to push old technology

Things from "the world" that made me happy/give me hope:

The Rolling Jubilee

& more people helping people 

Those are the few things that come to mind right now. I will probably think of about 20 more a minute or so after I click on "send." But here's looking forward to another good year....

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