11 January 2013


“Stage Presence: Theatricality in Art and Media” (exhibit at SFMOMA)

“Ben Kinmont: Prospectus” (exhibit at SFMOMA)

“Bernadette Corporation: 2000 wasted years” retrospective at Artists Space

Hito Steyerl’s The Wretched of the Screen (e-flux journal and Sternberg Press) and Adorno’s Grey video installation at e-flux

Stacy Doris’ Fledge: a Phenomenology of Spirit (Nightboat Books)

Eleni Stecopoulos’ Daphnephoria (Compline)

Suzanne Stein’s Tout Va Bien (Displaced Press)

Andrew Levy’s Don’t Forget to Breathe (Chax Press)

Brandon Brown’s Flowering Mall (Roof Books) and from Everything That’s On My Walls (self-published for “5Corners” exhibition at [2nd Floor Projects], SF)

Claire Bishop’s Artificial Hells (Verso)

Laura Elrick’s Propagation (Kenning Editions)

Dorothea Lasky’s Thunderbird (Wave Books)

CA Conrad’s A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: New (Soma)tics (Wave Books)

Rob Halpern’s Music for Porn (Nightboat Books)

The Volta

Rodrigo Toscano’s Deck of Deeds (Counterpath Press)

Jon Leon’s The Malady of the Century (Futurepoem Books)

Diana Hamilton’s OKAY, OKAY (Truck Books)

Josef Kaplan’s Democracy Is Not For the People (Truck Books)

Tyrone Williams’ Howell (Atelos)

Matvei Yankelevich’s Alpha Donuts (United Artists)

Evelyn Reilly’s Apocalypso (Roof Books)

Ariel Goldberg’s The Estrangement Principle (self-published)

Eileen Myles’ Snowflake / different streets (Wave Books)

Dana Ward’s The Crisis of Infinite Worlds (Futurepoem Books, in manuscript)

I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women (Les Figues Press; ed. Caroline Bergvall, Laynie Brown, Teresa Carmody, and Vanessa Place)

Julian Talamantez Brolaski’s Advice for Lovers (City Lights)

Joseph Bradshaw’s “George Oppen’s ‘Of Being Numerous’” (performed for The Multifarious Array series and at 443 PAS Gallery)

Homage to Etel Adnan (Post-Apollo Press; ed. Lindsey Boldt, Steve Dickison, and Samantha Giles)

Catherine Wagner’s Nervous Device (City Lights)

“It’s the Political Economy, Stupid” (exhibition at Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC; curated by Gregory Sholette and Oliver Ressler)

Brandon Shimoda’s O Bon (Litmus Press)

Kevin Killian’s and Ugo Rondinone’s Nude (Gladstone Gallery, NYC)

“Poetry During OWS” (featured in Rethinking Marxism, vol. 25)

“Our Occupations After the Occupations” at Harriet (Poetry Foundation)

“The Hole, A Gathering” (at St. Mark’s Poetry Project; organized by Brett Price)

Occupy Sandy Relief

Steve Collis’ Dispatches From the Occupation (Talon Books)

Peter Linebaugh’s Ypsilanti Vampire Mayday (Occupy Ypsilanti)

Lawrence Giffin’s and Lauren Spohrer’s Just Kids (Agnes Fox)

OMG! vol. 1 (featuring Elaine Kahn, Lauren Levin, and Wendy Trevino; ed. Brandon Brown)

Damn the Caesars: Crisis Inquiry (ed. Richard Owens)

The Sonnets (Nightboat Books and Telephone magazine; ed. Paul Legault and Sharmila Cohen)

Fred Moten with Ultra-red (2012 Whitney Biennial, “What is the Sound of Freedom?” symposium)

Andrea Fraser’s “There’s no place like home” (essay for the 2012 Whitney Biennial catalogue)

Living as Form: Socially Engaged Art from 1991-2011 (Creative Time and MIT Press; ed. Nato Thompson)

David Buuck performances at Segue Series and Small Press Traffic

Monica Peck’s The Pyrrhaiad (Trafficker Press; ed. Erin Morrill and Andrew Kenower)

Ragtag Four (featuring Evan Kennedy, Erin Morrill, and Ted Rees)

The Death and Life of Great American Cities (ed. Judah Rubin)

Sara Larsen’s Merry Hell (Compline)

Douglas Crimp’s “Our Kind of Movie” (MIT Press)

John Kelsey’s Rich Texts (Sternberg Press)

The Feeling Is Mutual (ed. Sara Wintz; designed by Michael Cross and Stephen Novotny)

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