08 January 2013


2012 was way better than 2011; here's why:

E. Tracy Grinnell & Aufgabe (best boss & job i've ever had)

Dusan Makavejev's "Sweet Movie"

Brandon Brown's "Flowering Mall"

"Armor On", "Whiteout", and everything else Dawn Richard related

Seeing "Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky" in the theater for my birthday

Marissa Perel's "Yentl Redux"

Laura Jaramillo's "Material Girl"

finally reading Kristin Ross' "The Emergence of Social Space: Rimbaud
and the Paris Commune"

& also finally reading David Larsen's "The Thorn" (late to the party,
but what a party it is)

Tim Dlugos "A Fast Life"

Joseph Bradshaw's new poems (and everyday awesomeness)

Where Eagles Dare

Masha Tupitsyn's "Beauty Talk and Monsters"

Susan Sontag's "On Camp"

Paul Verhoeven & John Carpenter

Monica Peck's "The Pyrrhaiad"

Terius Nash's "1977"

Samuel R. Delany's "Heavenly Breakfast"

Ursula Le Guin's "The Lathe of Heaven"

all the lovely Millay Colony people

"Einstein on the Beach" at BAM

Margaret Glaspy covering "Ex-Factor" at the Rock Shop in Park Slope

Bernadette Mayer's "Sonnets"

Vanessa's Dumplings in Chinatown

Autre Ne Veut at PS1

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum (and gainful employment that
doesn't eat away at my soul)

Erykah Badu getting me through my last few months in Massachusetts

Finally moving to NYC

Writing out this long ass list and realizing how much and how many i
have to be thankful for

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