07 January 2013


 THE YEAR IN DREAMS as told to Gmail

 I dreamed all that year; I divided intro dreamer and interpreter” – Alice Notley

I dreamt of Fiestaware
I dreamt of Frank
I dreamt you were running for president and I was your VP and you won!
and then I went out with you to do the speech
and I had one oyster
and you thought I was weird
I was trying to stay in this dingy front unit
in a pre-post-apocalyptic east bay
and everything was gravel and old wood shook by passing cars and trains our front yard was a parking lot for zombie cars you lived in the back and I wanted to talk to you about some eerie things I had seen in my space and there was this one crow that particularly freaked me out
My grandma was laying her head on a picnic table
saying she was going to die that I should say my goodbyes
it was like an amusement park and I couldn’t find my scarf
and then I fucked a boy and a girl combined I think it had two assholes
it seemed like a glimpse of a mysterious world I'd only dreamt about
I dreamt Taeo and I were on hunger games
except it wasn’t to kill each other it was for fun
I dreamt of honeybuckets and buttercups
I was a harpooner of use to bees
I dreamt Clive won a Grammy
I dreamt I got [redacted] pregnant and she was smoking
A big wave was coming to destroy the seaside town and I climbed with my "family" to the third floor of an apartment building and rode it like a merry-go-round
and then something happened
and we got in trouble from your girlfriend
I dreamt it was your poem
the font was perfect -- garamond or something
I dreamt that my cat Freddy was still alive
and I bought her a very elaborate and ornate cake
and dreamt about hamburgers and Fassbinder
giving a reading in a giant amphitheater at the edge of the ocean
My boss said I didn't have to come in to TOXIC BERKELEY today that I could work from home
You posted a picture of your back office like you'd cleaned it up or vacuumed as some sort of symbol
I dreamt of black marching bands, tile floors, AK and I robbing banks or carrying around bags of loot and scissors, a heavy wood cabinet, and I left my bra on a bench and when I came back to retrieve it an actor was there, a sort of Willem Defoe?
I found a quarter on the street
and felt guilty picking it up
I dreamt of new margins
sitting on a kitchen stool at a marble counter under warm gold lights
doing a bread tasting
[redacted] was flirting with me and you interrupted!
I got really lost
down by the Oakland docks
but then found these three men and they weren’t scary
My car sort of failed, went kaput and you and I and Brandon were somehow locked up on the side of the road together, handcuffed
I was at some sort of festival / prison camp / revival
and you kindly gave me a sack of weed
and a few bumps of cocaine
I was wearing a life vest
I hung out at a party for hours with ADELE
You lived in this elegant apartment and you were dressing me up in various outfits for some luncheon I had to go to and your friends kept arriving and I was running late. Your apartment was Andy Warhol's? and then you dragged me into the closet while I was wearing a burnt orange raw silk knee length skirt
I went to this restaurant
and I wanted a salad
but all they had was hamburger and pizza
and the waiter was really pushing this pizza
with dough made from watermelon?
This is like the summer camp/ing moment we've dreamed of so often!
I caught a yolk in my hand it didn't break

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