17 January 2013


50 things that pushed me in 2012

---5 nonficion books---
Kristin Ross, The Emergence of Social Space: Rimbaud and the Paris Commune, Minnesota, 1988
Shannon Jackson, Social Works: Performing Arts, Supporting Publics, Routledge, 2011
Claire Bishop, Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship, Verso, 2012
Rebecca Schneider, Performing Remains: Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reencactment, Routledge, 2011
Gillian Rose, Love's Work, 1985

---5 novels---
Lauen Beukes, Moxyland, Angry Robot, 2010,
Laurie Weeks, Zippermouth, Feminist Press, 2011
Kirsten Kaschock, Sleight, Coffee House, 2011
Phaswane Mpe, Welcome to our Hillbrow, Ohio, 2001
Nicole Brossard, Mauve Desert, trans Susanne de Lotbiniere-Harwood, 1987

---5 poetry books---
Sean Bonney, The Commons, Openned Press, 2011 &  Happiness: poems after Rimbaud, Unkant, 2011
Sachiko Murakami, Rebuild, Talonbooks, 2011
Kim Hyesoon, All the Garbage of the World, Unite, trans Don Mee Choi, Action Books, 2011
Justin Katko, Death of Pringle, Flim Forum, 2011

----10 chaps----
Lara Durback, Projectiles, NoNo, 2012
Ya-Wen Ho, last edited [insert time here], tinfish, 2012
Holly Pester, Katrina Sequence, Intercapillary Editions, 2012
Leon Baham, Ponyboy, Sigh: a word problem, Birds of Lace Press, 2011
Keston Sutherland, Stress Positions, Barque, 2009
Jasper Bernes, We are Nothing and So Can You, Tenured Ninja, 2012
Manuel Maples Acre, City: Bolshevik Super-Poem in 5 Cantos, trans Brandon Jolmquest, UDP, 1924/2010
Kate Durbin, E! Entertainment, Insert Press, 2011
Sophie Robinson, lovesic, self-pub, 2006
The Mary Nardini Gang, Toward the Queerist Insurrecton, 2011

---5 plays/scripts---
Dario Fo, Abducting Diana, adapt. Stephen Stenning, 1986 &  We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay, trans. Ron Jenkins, 1974
Maria Irene Fones, Fefu and Her Friends, PAJ, 1980
Griselda Gambaro, Information for Foreigners, trans Marguerite Feitlowitz, Northwestern, 1987
Laura Kipnis, Ecstasy Unlimited: The Interpenetrations of Sex and Capital, 1985

---5 oldies---
Carson McCullers, Reflections in a Golden Eye, 1941,
Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook, 1962
Ursula le Guin, The Dispossessed, 1974
Cecilia Vicuña, Sabormi, Chainlinks, 1973/2011
Stephen Wright, Meditations in Green, 1983

---5 films---
The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi, and 27 Years without Images, d. Eric Baudelaire, 2011, @ SFIFF
Fig Trees, d. John Greyson, 2009, @ PFA
I am Furious Yellow, d. Kidlat Tahimik, 1980-94, @ PFA
Hail the New Puritan, d. Charles Atlas, 1985, @ SFMoma
Heart of Darkness, d. Fiona Banner, @ a Room for London

---5 exhibits---
Clifford Owens @ PS1
Gillian Wearing @ Whitechapel
Zoe Strauss @ Philadelphia Museum
Yayoi Kusama @ Tate Modern
"The Cornfield" @ Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

---5 events---
CA Conrad & Eileen Myles impromptu reading @ Mission Laundromat
Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, & Lucinda Childs, Einstein on the Beach, @ Zellerbach
John Adams, Alice Goodman, & Peter Sellars, Nixon in China, @ SF Opera
Ronaldo Wilson freestyle reading @ my place
Ralph Lemon @ BAM

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