26 January 2013


Celine and Julie Go Boating
at Yerba Buena

Turin Horse
at Roxie

at Konrad's house
(Patrick Bokanowski and Michèle Bokanowski)

Kidlat Tahimik at PFA

Chris Marker at PFA

at the Paramount

Le Samourai
- Jean-Pierre Melville

Battlestar Galactica

Reading Capital Vol. I with thepublicschool.org

Dhalgren - Samuel Delany
this year I spent a lot of time reading articles/chapters/books that have expanded my politics radically. participating in conversations and overhearing conversations. beginning to develop the ability to articulate economic/political theories and substantiate them with real history and real life. I am nowhere yet in this process but it was a big year of absorption. and beginnings.
Eiko and Koma with Kronos Quartet

Jalal Toufic, Cecilia Vicuña, Myung Mi Kim, Alice Notleykathryn l. pringle Fault Tree
re-realizing again & again the brilliance of this writer and person

Going to baseball games with friends
Playing tennis with friends

(Trying to) play basketball with friends

Watching football with friends

Impromptu solo adventure in Marin

Gualala with love

SPT endless summer marathon reading

Miss your love and warmth, Bear z. Dotes

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