26 January 2013


Favorite things of 2012
somewhat chronological and weirdly braided, in an accurate reflection of my life:

Lyall Harris's MFA exhibit and presentation of her artist's book at Mills

Brian Dettmer's small exhibit at the SF JCC

I attended many, many great readings over the year -- particularly luminous were Kate Pringle, Tiff Dressen, Joseph Lease, Pattie McCarthy, Linda Norton, Kathleen Fraser, Maxine Chernoff, Gillian Conoley, the SFSU student NAW contributors, Stephen Beachy, Lewis Buzbee....

first egg from our chickens!

waning days of the Exploratorium: the spinning sand tables, the basketball game film, responsive lights...

Nikki Mirghafori on meditation and mindfulness

Nancy Drew Noir at Pegasus with Lydia Odette Warren and Eddie Muller

getting a piano!

Cal Day physics demo

UCX "Poets Studied and in Conversation" student reading

getting to do CPITS for a kindergarten class, and hearing their metaphors for butterfly wings

hearing Micah Ballard, Camille Dungy, Aaron Shurin, Brian Teare, and Samantha Giles each spend over an hour discussing their writing and their process

Berkeley symphony performing with two hundred 3rd-5th graders

Edible Schoolyard Celebration and plant sale

the solar eclipse -- and crescent-shaped shadows

Sharon Osmond's garden readings

University Press Bookstore

First graders' classroom Day of the Dead altar

Myung Mi Kim's George Oppen lecture

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