27 January 2013


Some Things That Are Not A Tumor in 2012
Explained by  Kindergarten Cop.

CA Conrad, A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon. Wave Books.
“You know, kindergarten is like the ocean. Don’t turn your back on it”

Chris Sylvester, OUTCOMES. Double Room Issue 9.
“Let’s take a little break. Ok. Come on. Now I want you to walk in a circle. Come on”

“I’ve got to get out of here right now. Get those tree stumps out of my way. Before I vomit all over them”

“You hit the kid, I hit you. You bastard.”

“It’s time to turn that mush into muscle. No more whining! No more 'I want to go to the bathroom' There is no bathroom!”

“I’m not a policeman. I’m a princess. Take it back!”

Kevin Varrone, Eephus (from Box score). Little Red Leaves Textile Series.
“That’s her years later/ It’s a great shot of an ear”

Kim Rosenfield, Lividity. Les Figues.
“E is the 5th letter of the alphabet…. Mr. Kimble, I need to go real bad”
“Oh, excuse me. I forgot to tell you. This is my ferret. He doesn’t bite. Come on out”

Pattie McCarthy, L&O. Little Red Leaves.
“Can we talk to kids? Yes, you can talk to kids. Can we talk to dogs? Yes, you can talk to dogs. But what you must never do is… talk to strangers”

Richard Whitehurst, The Rape Tunnel (Akron, Ohio).
“Now listen. You got to handle this like nay police situation. You walk in there showing fear….you’re dead. Those kids know you’re scared.”

Sarah Dowling, Birds and Bees. Troll Thread.
“Your teacher Mrs. Hagley had to go on an important trip. Where’d she go? It doesn’t matter. Did she die? No, Lowell, she went to see someone. Did they die? No, Lowell”

Shiv Kotecha, gos.mp3. Gauss PDF.

“You can’t just walk in here/ and put a gun to my face/ I’m getting a manicure”

Steve Giasson, Self Portrait 2008-2010.
“If you were any stiffer, we could take you surfing. What is your problem?”

“I have a headache. It might be a tumor”

“Sylvester’s been playing with dolls. Oh. He’s been using dolls to look up girl’s skirts. Oh, well that’s a relief”
Vanessa Place, The Father & Childhood. Queue Books (ed. Andrew Rippeon).
“The bastard handcuffed me to a dead man/ A dead man!”

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