08 January 2013


"Urgent Debt Tour" detournement of Richard Serra show by Cassie Thornton, SFMOMA, January

"Market Fitness" performance by Christian Nagler at Carville Annex, San Francisco, February

Alice Notley at AWP, Chicago, March

Table X/Y AWP offsite party & reading experiment, Red Rover, March

Beethoven sonatas at the SF Conservatory, San Francisco, March

Juliana Snapper, audience participation imago opera improvisation, The Empty Globe, Los Angeles, March

Buckminster Fuller show, SFMOMA, April

Vijay Ayer at Community Music Center, San Francisco, April

Justin Katko, Linda Russo & Matthew O'Malley on Woolsey street, Berkeley, June

Iron River Rodeo & Parade, U.P., Michigan, July

Carlotta Walls LaNier of the Little Rock Nine, at Evergreen State College, September

Salmon migration, Puget Sound, downtown Olympia, September

Art walk, Olympia, October

CA Conrad and David Wolach at Evergreen State College, November

Olympia Film Festival, Olympia Film Society, November

Warhol exhibition at the Tacoma Art Museum, December

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