07 January 2013


alphabet, inger christensen
the secret life of puppets, victoria nelson
deadfalls & snares (in ms), samantha giles
debts & lessons (in ms), lynn xu
remainland, aase berg
solaris, stanislaw lem
i am a very productive entrepreneur, et al., mathias svalina
the complete works of marvin k. mooney, christopher higgs
selected correspondence of kenneth patchen, ed. allen frost
a boatload of madmen, dickran tashjian
the lives and loves of daisy and violet hilton, dean jensen
i shock myself, the autobiography of beatrice wood, beatrice wood
fantasias, george egerton (mary chavelita dunne bright)

*the dodos
*sitting in a cafe in lincoln, nebraska and listening to the dodos while working on bookthings and sitting in a cafe in denver, colorado and listening to the dodos while writing poems for the first time in a very long time.
*seeing the dodos play and not understanding how there weren’t a hundred of them.
*my bubba and mi, how its done in italy
*murzik, into the darkness
*flying to portland to see murzik play and being one of less than ten in the audience, getting very sad about things that are not loved enough.
*sergio& odair assad, sergio & odair assad play piazzolla
*seeing the sea and cake play in portland with robert and doug mccombs was filling in on bass and remembering the show we went to ten years ago and i was outside smoking and robert ran outside to get me and we ran inside because doug mccombs was also in brokeback, a band we were sure was created for that moment.
*seeing michael hurley play a free show at the place robert and i went to one afternoon to write stories. not finishing the stories because we were excited.
*seeing agalloch play and crying at a metal show.
*seeing dead can dance play and lisa gerrard was wearing a golden cape.

crazy and thief, dir. cory mcabee
turkish star wars with live voice-overs and a small symphony
mister lonely
alla nazimova
the rounder comes to town, dir. adam beatty

the electric pencil
morbid curiosity at the chicago cultural center

the last saloon in dodge, dodge city ks
bishop’s castle, west of rye co
pioneer village, minden ne

100 poets at spt
matvei yankelevich and noel anderson black at colorado college
caroline bergvall and selah saterstrom at naropa
the shape of the i reading at counterpath
buuck and bhanu at naropa. becoming an honorary wolf.

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