01 January 2013


For the past few years, I've asked a handful of friends and colleagues to send me year-end lists of their favorite things for The Disinhibitor. I'll print their responses over the month of January as a celebration of all of the amazing art we made together this past year. Feel free to send your own contribution here if you have the time/inclination. In the meantime, here's my list to start us off:

Event of the Year:
The long-awaited birth of Ezra Thomas Cross! Thank you to everyone who offered their support over those first three very trying months!

Most inspiring poetry activities of the year (in no particular order):
Thom Donovan, Sara Larsen, and Suzanne Stein at Small Press Traffic
Craig Dworkin and Myung Mi Kim at Small Press Traffic
Jackqueline Frost and Keston Sutherland at David Buuck's place
Norma Cole and Gail Scott at the Poetry Center
Myung Mi Kim's Oppen Lecture
Jalal Toufic's Scalapino Lecture
Jasper Bernes and Jackqueline Frost at the Holdout
David Brazil, Eleni Stecopoulos, and CJ Martin at the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library
Rob Halpern and CJ Martin at Woolsey Heights
Robert Mittenthal, Lauren Levin, and Steve Farmer at Woolsey Heights
The Endless Summer reading at Small Press Traffic
Brent Cunningham, Lyn Hejinian, and Travis Ortiz at Small Press Traffic
Miranda Mellis at Small Press Traffic

Music I wrote to (and commuted to!):
A$AP Mob: Lord$ Never Worry
A$AP Rocky: LongLiveA$AP
Andy Stott: Luxury Problems
Burial: Truant/Rough Sleeper
Captain Murphy: Duality
Car Bomb: w^w^^w^w
Dog Shredder: Brass Tactics
Fennesz: FA 2012
Kendrick Lamar: Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City
The Psychic Paramount: II
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: Timon Irnok Manta
Rustie: Essential Mix
Shit and Shine: Le Grand Larance Prix
Shit and Shine: Jream Baby Jream
Silent Servant: Negative Fascination
Swans: The Seer
Tnght: Tnght
Trash Talk: 119
Vatican Shadow: Atta's Apartment Slated for Demolition
Vatican Shadow: Ghosts of Chechnya
Vatican Shadow: Iraqi Praetorian Guard
Vatican Shadow: Jordanian Descent
Vatican Shadow: Ornamented Walls

Chapbooks I read the most:
Taylor Brady, For I Know Not What I Did Last Summer (Trafficker)
Rich Owens, Clutch (Vigilance Society)
Rich Owens, No Class (Barque Press)
Craig Dworkin, nella selva oscura / in the dark wood
Crane Giamo, Gun Spread Butter
Nicholas DeBoer, various side-stapled chapbooks

Full-lengths that felt HUGE in 2012:

Rich Owens (editor), Crisis Inquiry (Damn the Caesars)
Stacy Doris, Fledge (Nightboat Books)
Rob Halpern, Music for Porn (Nightboat Books)
Thom Donovan, The Hole (Displaced Press)
Kathleen Fraser, Movable Tyype (Nightboat Books)

Books so good I published them myself:
Sara Larsen, Merry Hell (Compline)
Thom Donovan, The Hegemon Say (Compline)
Eleni Stecopoulos, Daphnephoria (Compline)
Craig Dworkin, The Crystal Text (Compline)

Manuscripts so good I plan to publish them in 2013:
Leslie Scalapino and Kiki Smith, The Animal is in the World Like Water in Water (Compline)
Jackqueline Frost, The Antidote (Compline)
David Brazil, the ordinary (Compline)
Robert Kocik, Supple Sciences (On: Contemporary Practice)

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