24 January 2013


:::::: FOR 2012 IN ORDER OF MEMORY ::::::::::::

1 BIG SHOUT OUT to all of my friends who spent free time with me during 2012

my two younger brothers both claimed to have grown their first pubic hairs

dancing when LIGHTNING BOLT was in town

taking BIG SUR private beaches

my friends and i built a wall so i now have a room and can survive off a part time job

The Master


Chris Marker (RIP)

i met so many cool people this year i liked all the CONVERSATIONS and i never felt disappointed

driving up 101 to be with my family when the world ended

BIFO BERARDI lecture and BOB GRENIER reading back-to-back

COMPLINE prints and Ezra Thomas Cross existing

figured out my breathing problem!

The Hole

fell in love a few times

my parents gifting me Deleuze From A to Z

when the giants won the world series i liked watching the streets light up in fire

all things BLACK METAL: seeing Wolves in the Throne Room and Earth and Mount Eerie's two new albums

looking fwd to 2013

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