03 January 2013

New Compline: Craig Dworkin's The Crystal Text

Before I jump into a month of uninterrupted Disinhibitions, I wanted to mention that the new Compline chapbook, Craig Dworkin's The Crystal Text, is officially ready for your minds and hearts. Printed entirely on the Heidelberg at Compline HQ, The Crystal Text is Dworkin's homage to the Clark Coolidge collection of the same name. At a reading here in the Bay Area last month, Dworkin mentioned that, after rereading, he found Coolidge's book totally different than he remembered and set out to write the poem he imagined. The result is a tightly wound syntactic puzzle that refracts and levels and refracts some more, calving into semitranslucent lyric propositions. I shouldn't have to convince you that you need this. This would make a perfect belated present for someone you haven't loved enough this year. Let Craig love them for you. 

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