14 January 2013



Bay Area Public School!
& Listening Class!
& all of the learning & gathering & listening that happened through the public school & at zack houston's gallery space on Broadway that is now becoming a high-end denim store
M. NourbeSe Phillip reading at UCB
Jalal Toufic @ SPT
Alice Notley solo reading in SF (& introducing ALICE NOTLEY- OMG!!!)
Cynthia Sailers, Julian Talamentez Brolaski & Dana Ward @ SPT
Sara Larsen, Thom Donovan & Suzanne Stein @ SPT
CA Conrad, Eileen Myles & David Buuck @ SPT
Craig Dworkin & Myung Mi Kim @ SPT pop-up
basically, the whole year at SPT rocked
as did the whole year at Manifest Reading Series!
Keston Sutherland & Jack Frost @ Buuck's
Anne Boyer & Wendy Trevino @ Buuck's
Jack Smith's Normal Love @ PS1
3 Nights with Nathaniel Dorsky @ PFA
This World is Not My Home: Photographs by Danny Lyon @ the de Young
Gautam Tejas Ganeshan @ Subterranean Arthouse/ Yosefa's living room
Fibershed Seaside Day of Dyes with Rebecca Burgess
quitting-ish facebook, quitting-ish ok cupid

Fledge: A Phenomenology of Spirit -- Stacy Doris
Undying Love, or Love Dies -- Jalal Toufic
Distracted -- Jalal Toufic -- "The difficulty of becoming part of the composition of remembered things is not the ostensible immateriality of the past. It rather consists in that the time needed for remembered things to compose the past is simultaneously the span it takes the one remembering to decompose. Nostalgia is this missed meeting."
"Between Your House and Mine" - The Letters of Lorine Niedecker to Cid Corman
Honey from a Weed -- Patience Gray
Culture of One -- Alice Notley
walking across a field we are focused on at this time now -- Sara Wintz
Flowering Mall -- Brandon Brown
Tout Va Bien -- Suzanne Stein
Autobiography of Envelopes -- Sarah Riggs
Advice for Lovers -- Julian Talamentez Brolaski
Merry Hell -- Sara Larsen
Desire/Love -- Lauren Berlant
Alone with the Alone -- Corbin
The Dominion of the Dead -- Robert Harrison
Everything by Nate Mackey; Lorine Niedecker; all of Keats; The Pearl Poet
The Feeling is Mutual -- ed. Sara Wintz

The Given & The Chosen -- Ann Lauterbach
"Concordance" -- Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
Music for Fragments/ Music & Birds -- Jan Jelinek
Soul Journey -- Gillian Welch
Gate wind @ Briones Park
Loons on Big Moose Lake
Mendocino mineral waters


my scarlet runner bean harvest
the many kitchen conversations with Laurel
hiking up Cascade & Porter with Matt & encountering a HUGE papa black bear on the way home
gan mai da zao wan

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